Students Get Ready To Head Back To Class

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Summer break is almost over and in one week it’s back to school.  Joe Scarpelli caught up with kids and teachers prepping for next week.
Kids across Durham Region are getting ready to head back to school next week including  brothers Jayden and Jack who spent the morning shopping with their mom.
Jayden “I’m going to grade 3 and I really want to go to college.”
Jack “I don’t really like shopping.”
Claire is also stocking up on school supplies, she’s prepping for grade 8.
“Just looking for for binders, high lighters, stuff I’ll need for school in general…that’s pretty much it.”
All this back to school shopping has her brother Thomas nervous for grade 6.
Thomas “I’m just stressed out.”
While most kids are experiencing the back to school jitters, some teachers admit that the feeling is mutual.
Amanda Mohns “Oh yes, this morning meeting all the parents, I wasn’t sure who was going to show up, not sure what the needs of the kids are, and wanting to meet the needs of the kids…so we
definitely have our own jitters.”
Amanda Mohns began teaching 17 years ago, she’s taught music, grade 3 and kindergarten.  She began prepping her classroom last week, although she explained why her walls weren’t decorated yet.
Amanda Mohns “Our classroom walls are kind of naked right now and that’s because we create them with the students.”
Back at Staples, Chauncey McCarrell, who is the GM of the Oshawa location says this last week before school starts likely won’t feature the years busiest day.
Chauncey McCarrell “This week is busy, but next Tuesday will probably be our busiest day.  First day back to school for kids and usually around 2:00 – 3:00 students and their parents come in and it gets very, very busy.”

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