Oshawa Woman Shares Story About Learning To Walk Again

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A new piece of technology is changing  lives in Whitby.  It’s being credited with helping  a 20-year-old Oshawa resident walk again.
“My quality of life and my mood are a lot better because I was constantly in pain before.”
Meet Alexa Booth, she is entering  her second year of college where she is studying hospital and tourism administration.  This year she will be able to walk to class for the first time because of new equipment at the abilities centre.
“This machine has helped me secure my confidence in walking and also it has strengthened my ability to walk longer and more like a stable gate this machine helps.”
Booth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 14 months old. She  started to develop hip problems two years ago. Alexa’s physiotherapist, Marj Kennley says Alexa’s condition deteriorated fast.
“Her hips started eroding and that erosion is like an arthritis kind of pain and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse until she lost her ability to walk and was relegated to using her powered wheelchair.”
She had full hip replacement just 8 months ago.  Last year she was using a powered wheelchair to get from class to class, this year because of the rehabilitation she has been able to do with the new equipment at the Abilities Centre she can walk to class.
“Since she has had her surgery she has been able to work very hard on the treadmill and in gate training and this machine has allowed her to progress so much more quickly.”
Booth remembers the thrill of trying out the equipment for the first time.
“Oh my god I was so nervous, I’ve never had the chance to be on a treadmill because it’s very unpredictable for me and so this machine really helped me gain my confidence.”
The litegate equipment was  supposed to be used at the Grandview Children’s Centre but because of limited amount of space the Abilities Centre will house the equipment.

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