Fire Fit Canada Hits Durham For First Time

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Fire Fit, a competition for firefighters, is coming to Durham Region for the first time ever this weekend.

It’s a competition based on firefighting tasks commonly performed in emergency situations.

“Stair climb, hoisting equipment, forcible entry, victim rescue or hose advancement, we hit it all in this obstacle course.”

Nathan Langille has been participating in the Fire Fit challenge for a number of years. But he says comparing the course to a real life fire is a little off target.

“At our typical fire you might be doing search and rescue, victim or ventilation on the roof, or climbing up apartment stairs…you typically aren’t doing all of these back to back, so it’s very exhausting by the end of it.”

Langille convinced his Oshawa Fire services co-work Matt Baca to also get involved with Fire Fit.

“There’s calls I go to that make me very glad that I do this sport because when I’m walking up six or seven flights of stairs it’s relatively easy from this training.  I kind of this flashes of that, I’m like ‘oh, my training paid off in Fire Fit to help me climb up these stairs in the building today.”

Since 1994 Fire Fit Canada has been visiting cities across the country each summer.  Baca has been a firefighter for eight years and is participating in his fourth fire fit.

“It’s awesome, a big part of this too is that you get to go to places that you might never see or have been before.  It gives you a reason to travel different parts of the world.”

For the first time this weekend Durham region will host fire fit.  Fire Firefighters tackle the course Saturday and Sunday at the Legends Centre in Oshawa.

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