New Report From Lakeridge Health Hopes To Improve Patient Experience

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Lakeridge Health has released a long awaited report that details how they are going to improve patients experience after a Facebook page created earlier this year exposed concerns thousands of patients had over their treatment.

For the last several months a patient experience panel has been reviewing how Lakeridge Health deals with their patients.  This came after a Facebook page went viral with complaints about how patients were treated at the hospital.

“There were three focuses in the report, one is around patient experience, one is around how we deal with patient concerns and the third is around how we hear concerns and we respond to them on social media.”

A new 34 page document details how they are going to making an effort to make sure the patient experience is a positive one.

“We are moving on a purpose built space in emergency for mental health patients and that is working its way through ministry approvals right now, there are lots of things we have done with the complaint process for instance the office of patient relations is open longer hours.”

A repeated concern from patients is that they were ignored at the emergency room and not given personalized treatment.

“Patients come to us expecting to have their concerns listened to, that we put them at the centre of their care so we are not just proposing a way of treating them that doesn’t fit at all with who they are and what they are looking for so that patient voice has been emerging over a number of years and we will train people and build skills in people to be able to listen more carefully.”

One of the key goals is to make the patient relations process more transparent.

“We have a national search on for a director of patient experience.  That person will report directly to the CEO and they will work with our patient advocates, they identify the training needs of our team to be more patient focused.”

Ontario’s new Patient Ombudsman, Christine Elliot also reviewed the report.  She said the recommendations will help Lakeridge Health be more patient centered, ensuring patients will be more satisfied with their care.

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