Treasure Hunter Finds Piece Of History

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Police say a treasure hunter in Oshawa has found a piece of World War II history in Durham Region, which prompted a call to the military’s bomb squad.

Just before 7 o’clock Tuesday night a 35-year-old Oshawa man was using a medal-detector down in the area of Intrepid Park in Oshawa. He was looking for coins and other items he found in the past but this time he found an artifact.  It wasn’t just any artifact, it was a mortar. Intrepid Park was once the site of a spy school known as Camp X.

The man sent a photo of what he found to a family member who told him it may be dangerous… that’s when he called police.

“We arrived and determined it was probably property of the Canadian Forces and we contacted them for their explosive disposal unit.”

CFB Trenton bomb disposal team members were unable to Oshawa until 7am Wednesday morning… that forced DRPS to monitor the area overnight.

“We had it covered up for the night time and actually used air one to set up that perimeter and make sure that no public could get in there and I believe just shortly after 8 o’clock they did detonate it.”

Police say there’s no determining what damage or harm the bomb could have caused.

“There is nothing for us to suggest this was live or not even active but even the ones that were not active back in the 1940s they still could have had a chemical inside of them that creates smoke.”

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