Lakeridge Health Release Patient Experience Panel Report

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Lakeridge Health today released the report of its Patient Experience Panel, which makes wide-reaching recommendations to improve the patient experience in the Oshawa Emergency Department, in Patient Relations and on social media.

“We’ve set a goal of leading Canada in the patient and family experience. This report makes it clear we have some work ahead of us, but we’re eager to get to it,” said Interim president and CEO Tom McHugh. “I know that our staff — many of whom contributed their own ideas to this report — are already working hard to carry out these recommendations.”

The report focuses on improving the patient experience at LHO as well as improving the formal patient relations process. This includes:

  • Changing the culture of staff, physicians and volunteers to make all patient and family visits to Lakeridge Health the best experience possible,
  • Making the patient relations process more transparent and accessible for patients and family
  • Improving the timeliness with which patients are seen in the ED
  • Recommending education and training to improve communications among staff, physicians and volunteers and patients and family
  • Making better use of social media to respond to patients

The full text of the report and its recommendations can be found here.

“Many of the changes the panel has recommended are already underway,” said Lakeridge Health Board Chair Valentine Lovekin. “Some of the other recommendations will take more time. But we want families in Durham to know that their hospital took decisive and meaningful action on their behalf — and I’m grateful to Tom and our leadership team for all their thoughtful work on this.”

A few of the report’s recommendations already underway at the hospital include:

  • Redesigning the ED to better meet the needs of the hospital’s mental health and addictions patients
  • Immediately improving signage in the ED
  • Introducing a patient passport, which will give patients a clear understanding of what to expect during their time in the ED and
  • Doing a better job of connecting social media practices into the patient relations department to gather patient input.

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