Early Morning Fire Destroys Oshawa Home

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

An early morning fire destroyed an Oshawa home and damaged two others.  And as Joe Scarpelli reports, the homeowner is thanking strangers for saving his life.

Amateur video was shot by a resident who lives just a few doors down from this burning home on Olive Avenue.

“I’m afraid he’s going to collapse and die on me right there.”

Valerie Allen is thankful that her boyfriend John Coons is still alive.  A fire broke out in their home while John, who suffers from chronic lung disease, was asleep.

“I couldn’t breathe… I was out of it… I didn’t have my inhalers or anything, I couldn’t reach anything.  I was totally not there.”

John was being dragged to safety by his girlfriend and roommate until two passers-by spotted the blaze and lent a hand.

“They kicked down the fence and dragged me to safety to the street, where I was met by paramedics and given oxygen and stuff to help me out.”

The couple says they haven’t seen the two men since, nor do they know where to find them.

“Not a clue, I wish I did.  I would love to be able to say thank you.”

The two neighbouring units were also evacuated and all occupants, including pets escaped safely.  The Red Cross was on scene to assist anyone in need.

“I worked hard for what I got.  I’m a single dad of four kids, I brought them up myself.  I finally got to live on my own and I lost all my stuff.”

Residents believe the fire started outside in the porch area.  Fire officials say the cause is still under investigation.

Susan King says, “No idea on the cause right now.  We’re not ruling out anything at this point.  The Ontario Fire Marshal’s office is coming to investigate the fire and they’ll take the lead from there.”

Nonetheless, John and Valerie are thankful to be alive.

“I’m glad everyone is safe, my animal is safe.”

“Material things can be replaced.”

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