Brooklin’s Emily Batty Aims For Olympic Gold

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Residents in Brooklin are getting excited for Saturday, not only because it marks the beginning of the weekend but because a resident will be on the world stage.

Brooklin’s Emily Batty will take part in the women’s cross-country final at 11:30 am at the Rio Olympics. The cyclist is coming off a bronze medal finish at the world championships in July.

emily batty

Signs sporting ‘Go Emily’ can be spotted throughout Brooklin and Whitby with everybody including the Mayor cheering for the 28-year-old athlete.

“It’s wonderful as Mayor to see her in the Olympics and I am also related to Emily Batty through my mother’s side.” Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell said with a smile. “I grew up in Brooklin and the Batty’s are an old Brooklin family. Emily is just an amazing woman, she is legendary and a remarkable nice person.”

--Emily Batty posted this photo on instagram when she arrived in Rio. (@EmilyBatty1)--

–Emily Batty posted this photo on instagram when she arrived in Rio. (@EmilyBatty1)–

Batty finished 24th in the 2012 London Olympics after suffering a break in her collarbone and rib just days before her race. Last summer was golden for the athlete as she won the gold medal at the Pan American Games.

Her Husband is Adam Morka who is also her coach and a professional mountain biker.

“Everyone is proud of what she has done in the past and we know she will do great on Saturday”. Mitchell said, “She is a truly remarkable person.”

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