Durham Gets Some Much Needed Rain

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

We finally got a much needed day of rain, but as Joe Scarpelli tells us, we still have a long way to go before we recover from this dry summer.

Gord Geissberger is enjoying Tuesday’s temperature.
“Today is really great.  It’s a nice refreshing…  The rain is definitely a welcomed feeling today.
Tuesday, a highly anticipated rain hit much of southern Ontario.  Just last week Central Lake Ontario Conservation confirmed a level two low water condition… meaning businesses and residents are being asked to reduce non-essential water use by twenty percent.  Environmental Engineering Analyst, Neil Macfarlane says one day of rain isn’t nearly enough to replenish watersheds.
“Yes, we are getting rain but if it were to let’s say, in the next three days the sun comes up and we’re back to 30 degree weather, unfortunately, 20-30 mm is not enough to recharge the ground water from the effects that we’ve had over the winter spring and summer.”
Macfarlane says in the best case scenario, water levels will be back to normal by next year.
“We would need probably a wet fall, a very wet spring and a wet summer next year to get the ground water recharged and back up to level.”
But too much rain at once, Macfarlane says doesn’t necessarily mean a quick fix, it actually doesn’t help to replenish watersheds at all.
“A heavy rainfall would run right off the landscape and we wouldn’t get any recharge.”
As for Gord Geissberger, he says he’s been doing his part to conserve water. He sees this summer as a  learning experience.
“I think it’s really increased peoples awareness about water in our lives and how water impacts our lives.”

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