Oshawa Woman Feels Let Down By Local Shelter

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An Oshawa woman is looking for a new place to live after she says the shelter where she and her children live asked her to leave.

“I haven’t stopped crying, so I mean where do we go?”

An Oshawa woman says that she as well as her two children who are under the age of 6 were kicked out of The Denise House in Oshawa.  Tiffany says she was asked to leave because staff says her children were destructive and now she says she has no place to go.  She claims others are in the same position.

“We are not the only family, last night was three families with some ranging from 6 kids to 2 kids.

Last night it was 3 families, this morning it is three families that are being kicked out.”

On August 9th, Tiffany received a letter from the Executive director of the Denise House warning them their spots may be removed if they didn’t comply with the rules. Just days later another letter was posted at the shelter thanking the women for cleaning up and making drastic changes to the situation.

But on Sunday, she says everything changed.

“It was a verbal, asking us to find another accommodation.”

“From my perspective that is not necessarily the case, when that unfortunate situation happens where we are asking a woman to find other accommodations the staff here are more than available to help support them find beds elsewhere,  if they choose to not let that happen then that is their choice.”

Tiffany says her family complied with the rules and even cleaned up after other women.  According to the executive director of Denise House, the women have to break a lot of rules in order to be asked to leave.

“There isn’t any practice of a harshly termed memo that goes out to anyone. Staff are still here to support them and help them but we can’t do that by having them simply ignore things.”

Tiffany isn’t buying what they are saying.  She says this isn’t the first time a shelter for woman in Durham Region has treated her poorly.

“When I first came into this situation I was at a shelter in Oshawa and one of the staff member’s daughters used to babysit my children and I was told I wasn’t allowed to reside there because it was a conflict of interest.”

Tiffany says she doesn’t know where she is going to go, but she says she knows one thing for sure… the system set up to protect her, has failed her.

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