DRPS Youth In Policing Celebrates Major Milestone

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

It was International Youth Day Friday and the DRPS are celebrating their 10th anniversary of their Youth In Policing program.

“It’s amazing, because what is going on in the world right now, this helps so much.”

Almost a hundred youth were at Durham College today to take part in the final day of the youth in policing summer program.

The 4 day free camp engages the students and informs them on what police officers do and the different services and jobs they have.

“People see movies they see what is on the news they see all of this negative interaction where in fact I tell the kids a lot of what they see on TV is just that, it’s not real that a lot of what we do is just interacting with the public trying to make the community safe, we are not here to make people’s lives miserable.”

“We saw the tactical team, we saw police officers it was fun.”

The camp allowed students to interact with officers, visit the K9 unit and finish the week off with a carnival.

“Getting the exposure to talk to different police service members and really getting the exposure and really getting to know what the police service has to offer it’s definitely changed my perception on the police.”

“We went to see different police units, got to interact with the police and the community and build relationships between students, policing and the community.”

The students who took part in the camp will top the week off with a mini graduation ceremony.

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