Warm Weather Leads To Water Restrictions

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The heat has many in Durham turning on the sprinklers, but the city wants you to think otherwise, Joe Scarpelli has more.

“It’s really hot out.”

Marika Tzikas sits under a tree at this Oshawa park.  It’s one of the few pieces of shade the park has to offer.

“I was contemplating not going but we did, we ended up going out.”

Marika’s oldest son Thomas doesn’t seem to mind the heat.  He says when he gets hot, he fans himself.  Otherwise, when that doesn’t do the trick, he has a backup plan.

“I run in the water.”

Thomas, like many others turn to water to cool down…  The Region of Durham and many other municipalities across the province are asking residents to reduce non-essential water use.

Neil MacFarlane

“The program’s asking people to conserve and become more water friendly.”

MacFarlane says we’re currently in a level 2 water condition, meaning a 20 percent voluntary water reduction.  He says if the lack of precipitation keeps and without the help of the public, a level 3 – the highest level water condition – can soon be called.

Neil MacFarlane

“You’re really dry, some creeks can be drying out… that sort of thing if you’re into a level 3.”

Marika says she’ll do what she can to help conserve water.

“Maybe even go to a lake, that way we can play in the water… keep cool those ways instead of using water at home.”

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