General Motors Gets Put On Notice

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A GTA security company is doing its part to help save General Motors Oshawa.  Joe Scarpelli has more.

“I let them know I’m very serious about it – that I’ll never buy another GM product ever again if they abandon Oshawa.”

That’s what Ron France wrote in a letter to GM and GM Canada.  He says he’s concerned the company may stop building vehicles in Oshawa.

“We came to their aid when they were going bankrupt…  the people of Ontario and Canada… and now only eight years later their contemplating taking all our jobs away.  That’s not ok, it’s not ok at all.”

Ron France is the owner of Paragon Security.  His company has a fleet of 66 vehicles, 33 of them GM made.  Nick Koitsopoulos works for Paragon at its Oshawa location.  He says his boss’ threat is not hollow, that he will go through with it.

“From day one he has always supported and purchased GM vehicles.”

Paragon employee Chris Mowatt describes the company as a family.  They call themselves ‘Paragonians.’  He says after learning of his boss’ letter, he’s backing it one hundred percent.

“Today seeing the letter that he sent to GM made me very happy to be a ‘Paragonian’ and there’s all sorts of emails flying around that everybody is very happy that he’s taken a stance like that to keep that work here within our community.”

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