19 Year-Old Pickering Woman Dead After Fatal Crash Monday Night

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A 19 year-old woman is dead following a collision involving a dump truck Tuesday night in Pickering.  As Joe Scarpelli tells us, neighbours are now calling for the town to take action on what they’re calling a dangerous road.

“I heard a big crash ‘boom, bang’ like a crash I’ve never heard before.”

Stephen Clark arrived on scene before emergency vehicles after an Acura collided with a dump truck in Pickering.

“I reached in to check her pulse – the girl that was the driver – and there was no pulse.”

Witnesses say the driver of car  pulled out onto Bayly Street and was struck by a dump truck driven by a 50-year-old Whitby male.

Phil Hardiment

“They were doing CPR on somebody…. you know what…”

The 19-year-old driver was killed.  A 23-year-old male passenger sustained life-threatening injuries and a 23-year-old female passenger sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries.  The driver of the dump truck was not injured.

Phil Hardiment

“This is unacceptable.”

The crash happened on Bayly Street at Krosno Boulevard… residents here say that this intersection has seen a number of collisions over the years.

Liz Belmonte

“How many more deaths… I mean, we know of five already… just talking with everyone, people that have been here for over 40 years, we know of five.”

Liz and her neighbours have been wanting to have a stop light installed at the end of their street for quite some time.  They say they have grown accustomed to   crashes into trees, electrical boxes and even homes…. all at this very corner.

Liz Belmonte

“I have a six-year-old that plays here and I’m terrified… terrified.”

Phil Hardiment

“60 km/h? People don’t do 60 here.”

Wednesday afternoon, Deputy Mayor Bill McLean paid a visit to the intersection.

“I’ve sent an email to our staff at the region, I’d like them to come out and have a look at this intersection to see if it warrants to put a traffic light here.”

McLean, who  was a police officer  for 31 years in Toronto says safety is always a big concern and top priority.

“Any tool that we can get to make our streets safer I think is valuable.”

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