Police Investigating Shooting In Pickering

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Durham Police are investigating another gun related incident in the region after a man was shot inside his home Tuesday morning.

“About 3:56 this morning officers were called to Glen Eden Court in Pickering.There was a call that says shots were heard within the residents.”

Residents in a quiet Pickering neighborhood were in shock this morning when they found out one of their neighbors was shot in their own home.  We spoke with a neighbor who did not wish to go on camera.

“They are actually really nice people… they are…I am shocked.  Oh my god.”

Just before 4 residents say they heard shots coming from the home.

“When officers arrived there they found one male party we have only identified as a 27 year old male who had suffered numerous gunshot wounds.”

Police say he is listed as serious condition in hospital.  There is not much information about the victim or the events leading up to this as police continue the investigation.

This is the second major gun related incident that has happened in Durham in the last two weeks.  A drive by shooting incident in Ajax at beginning of July took the life of a Mississauga man.  33 year old Vernie Ferrigon was shot and killed just 7 kilometers from the scene in Pickering Tuesday.

He was shot when he was sitting in a parked vehicle outside of a townhouse on Ducatel Crescent in Ajax.  There have been no arrests in the Ajax shootings and there are currently no suspects in the shooting in Pickering Tuesday morning.

“We have no suspect information and no other details to provide.  It is very early in the investigation.”

The victim of the shooting Tuesday has undergone surgery after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.  There has been no update on his condition.

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