Durham Residents Hitting Local Hot Spots To ‘Catch ’em All’

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Pokémon players in Durham are out in full force.  As Joe Scarpelli tells us, South Oshawa is a hot spot.

“Oh, one just popped up actually.”

Pokémon has taken over Lakeview Park.  Taylor even caught one mid-interview.

“So I just got him there.”

Lakeview may be a hot spot but some players say they’ve found the cartoon creatures in odd places.

“In the kitchen, in the bedroom… washroom.”

“My dad was driving and I found a Diglet on my dad’s head, but the way it was positioned it looked like it was coming out of my dad’s hair.”

Annette and her daughter Jennifer play together.  They say thanks to Pokémon GO they’ve been spending more time together.

“I remember my kids grew up with the Pokémon and it’s good clean fun.  There’s no cursing, no swearing, it doesn’t cost a lot.”

Pokémon GO is a location-based, augmented reality game that is being played all around the globe.  It shows users where to go and find Pokémon at real life locations.  It has many Poke-players spending more time outdoors than ever.

“Every day for the past two weeks.”

“I walk my dog at least four times a day now just because I want to get out.”

“I’m going to play outside this summer and look for lots of Pokémon.”

But police in Durham and around the globe continue to remind those with the app to play safe and stay alert.

“My son was walking and tripped.  So just be careful.”

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