New App Is Helping Those With Memory Loss

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Dementia-friendly apps are here and were being showcased at the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre. Joe Scarpelli has more on this technology.

“But remember that it’s addictive. Don’t put anything on Facebook that your friends will see that will get you into trouble.”
That’s Oshawa Mayor John Henry’s advice to these new tech-savy seniors. The “Let’s Connect” project is targeted to connect seniors with dementia with dementia-friendly computer apps.
“Well it was really interesting. I’ve learned a lot.”
Wonda London never thought she’d be operating a tablet, but that’s exactly what she’s been doing since introduced to the technology.
“They’re navigating the system themselves. They’re going to the top, they’re pushing the X and they’re getting to the app that they want to do. It’s blown my mind.”
“I wasn’t expecting to see the results that we got.”
There are currently 13 apps available with many more in the works. The current lineup includes games such as solitaire, bubble explosion and puzzles with personalized photos.
“We’ve had care givers telling us that they’ve had time that they didn’t have before because now their loved one with dementia or chronic care issue has something to keep them engaged.”
The apps are available for anyone in the world but they are making sure that Durham seniors don’t miss out.
“We are very fortunate that we can use technology with seniors and I think a lot of seniors don’t even think they have their own capability to do that and they do. So, we’re all learning.”

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