Oshawa Firefighters Have A New Home

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Oshawa’s newest Fire Hall held its grand opening ceremony last night.  With a behind the scenes look at the one of a kind fire hall 6, here’s Joe Scarpelli.

Chief Meringer

“It’s a beautiful station.  As you look around you’ll see that what we’ve done is compliment the Windfields Farm heritage within the area.  We’ve tried to fit into the subdivision and compliment the rich past in the city.”

The newest home for Oshawa firefighters.  Fire Hall 6 sits at the north end of the city at Simcoe Street North and Britannia Road.

“This is an area identified that was deficient in our response times.  Now that this is in place we’re able to provide a great response time to the residents and visitors in the northern part of the city.”

Why was this project such a big deal for Oshawa’s Fire Chief?

“This is the culmination of my career sort of speak.  This is the last major project.”

After 33 years with Oshawa Fire Services, 13 of those years as Chief, Steve Meringer is calling it a career next week.  Meringer comes from a family of firefighters.  He says the Fire Hall 6 project is definitely a major highlight of his career, but in the field, his most memorable moment dates back to 1983.

“Downtown Globe restaurant fire.  I was new, my brother had been on a couple of years and my dad was a Platoon Chief.  All three of us were actually at the fire together.  Most definitely, that’s one of my highlights.”

Even as a seasoned vet, some things haven’t changed.

“I always tell them I’m still like that 10-year-old kid that when the fire truck goes by I’m just as excited as the kids are.”

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