DRPS Chief Of Police Shares His Thoughts On Durham’s Crime Rates

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Durham Regional Police Services Chief Paul Martin has just celebrated his 2nd year in the position.  In part 1 of our 2 part series with the chief, he discusses the violence in the United States and the state of Durham police.

“Certainly as a policeman, It is offensive it is repulsive I am saddened by it and I think we are much more fortunate to be in this country for a lot of reasons.”

Chief Paul Martin has one of the most high profile police positions in the region and is sharing his thoughts on the recent attacks on officers in the United States.

“The good thing and the positive thing here is that we are talking, and that as long as you can have the conversation and talk it’s positive.  It’s when those conversations stop and we become polarized and I really see that happening in the US because you are certainly seeing a lot of groups, hate groups that are almost on the rise again in the US and becoming popular again but you don’t see that here.”

Martin says it’s true what they say, it’s very lonely at the top, and at times the position can leave him feeling very isolated.

“I think it is very more so than the deputies job.  What I have tried to do is maintain that moral and ethical foundation and make the decision in the best interest of this community and this service and I hope that services me well at the end of the day.”

DRPS has been a leading force in a series of high-profile cases recently, including project Baldwin where 17 people were charged in a GTA-wide drug bust. Although various crime stats are down in many categories in Durham, Chief Martin says that’s not good enough.

“No matter what I think about where the crime rates are and we can sit here and say ‘Hey they are at a 30 year low’ and are as low as they have ever been in modern history but well yeah, we need to and want to continue to improve.”

Martin’s term is five years, and he says retirement isn’t something he sees on the horizon.

“I think as long as I am enjoying it, as long as I am doing what I need to do then I would like to stay with it.”

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