Multiple charges laid in alleged fraudulent vehicle theft

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Staged vehicle thefts for financial gain continue to plague the insurance industry, placing a financial burden on honest customers, and wasting valuable time of police. The impact of insurance fraud in Canada is estimated at over $1.6 billion dollars annually.

Aviva Canada is committed to working with police to prevent and respond to insurance fraud and has stepped up its tough approach to fraud with more dedicated resources and a deeper investment in ‘state of the art’ fraud detection technology. Combined with deep public sector and industry collaboration, Aviva Canada is positioned to combat fraud better than ever before.

On December 10, 2015, Mark Haselden reported to the police that his Ford F150 truck, insured by Aviva Canada, was stolen. He made two claims to Aviva Canada; one for the loss of his vehicle and another for its contents including a high-end stereo system, GPS, clothing and tools. When the police recovered the vehicle eight days later, the interior had been vandalized beyond repair, the contents were missing and a broken off key was found in the ignition. The exterior showed no signs of forced entry.

During the course of Aviva Canada’s investigation into Mr. Haselden’s claims, he knowingly provided false and misleading information, including lying under oath on two occasions. As a result, Aviva Canada denied the claims for the loss of the vehicle and its contents.

Aviva Canada presented their findings to the Durham Regional Police Service and compiled information and evidence requested by the investigating officer. Today, the Durham Regional Police Service charged Mr. Haselden with:

  • Fraud Over $5,000;
  • Fraud Under $5,000;
  • Public Mischief and,
  • Perjury.

“Durham Regional Police Service continues to be a strong ally in Aviva Canada’s fight to protect the premiums of our honest policyholders,” said Christopher Lang, Senior Manager Fraud Management Operations, Aviva Canada. “Their hard stance on fraud and swift actions in laying charges help us to reinforce the message that fraud is a criminal offence that will not be tolerated.”

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