Flood Damage Has Some Whitby Residents Still Stranded

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A handful of Whitby residents still haven’t been able to return home after that storm that flooded parts of the region almost 2 weeks ago.

On July 8th there was an intense summer storm that forced the roof drains at 315 Colbourne Street to break.  The building was flooded, and some residents are still waiting to go home.

“There is always lessons learned in any kind of critical situation, we come away with this and we recognize that our tenants many of them are very vulnerable and so we take great strides to try and make sure that were meeting their needs as much as a landlord can.”

Kathy Clarke who is now forced to stay in a motel for the next few weeks -feels  she and others were left high and dry, in terms of not getting help during the emergency.

“After midnight one the other coordinators called me and said I have no staff.  There is nothing I can do until morning… end of story.”

Kathy as well as at least 3 other residents who have mobility issues are in a motel in Whitby until their units are cleaned out.

“We are working with them to get them back into their units as quickly as possible we were fortune that we were able to get the equipment in there to dry the units out and to mitigate any risk of mold growth.”

The night of the storm Kathy and her neighbour Moreen, who are both confined to wheelchairs, say they were not helped by  staff and that they were left outside in the rain .  The region is now responding to those clams.

“We have somebody on site who called for the emergency staff to respond and they did.  They were there within minutes and I responded to the building myself to see what was going on and help with the cleanup but we had an emergency crew there.”

Durham housing operations says there is good news for some of the tenants, who will likely be able to move back home by the end of the week.

“Our goal is to make sure that the units are healthy and safe and that they are not coming back to any kind of disruption.”

The issue now for the affected  tenants  is getting their insurance claims settled.

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