Pokemon Craze Hits Durham

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Pokémon players are out in full swing in Durham Region.  Joe Scarpelli was in a poke hot spot today speaking to players.

Oshawa’s Memorial Park is where Joshua Benhaggai plays Pokémon Go.  He frequently visits the park as many consider it to be a Pokémon hot spot.

“There’s anywhere from 20-50 people.  It can be crazy at nights.”

Pokémon has become more than just another app to hide our faces in.  The app allows users to leave their homes and use their phones camera to see and capture Pokémon at locations around town. In Oshawa, Poke players say they’ve been making friends easier than ever.

Melissa says, “It’s really neat to see people coming together from all different walks of life and not normally people you would have in your social circle.”

Brandon says, “I’ve actually had four or five people admit to me that they’ve overcome their own anxieties and going out into public and talking to people.  They’re less afraid to approach people just because there’s a common interest.”

But not Tyrell, “Not me really.  I have a baby over there in the car so we can only do so much.”

Tyrell Myers and Samantha Grist have a four-month-old baby and can’t both be out catching Pokémon at the same time.  Instead, Tyrell captures the Pokémon for Samantha while she babysits.

“He’s doing a good job.  He doesn’t really catch everything that I want but he’s doing okay.”

Meanwhile, police in Durham and across the world are urging players to play safe and stay alert.  Rules that this poke player insists he’s following.

“I’ve been cautious walking.  If I come to a street corner I look both ways and wait until I get across the street to play.”

What looks like an empty sidewalk to you, might be filled with cartoon creatures to others.

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