Durham Artist Paints The Town

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Buildings across Durham Region are getting painted one spray can at a time by a local artists who is turning heads.

Chad Tyson has literally been painting the town red… and a variety of other colours for the last 17 years.

“We are just trying to change the face of graffiti and change the negative stigma.”

Tyson’s business ‘The Paint Factory” designs graffiti murals around Durham and in family’s homes.

“The paint factory offers legal graffiti art for your home so we go in we paint your rooms, your man dens, we can do canvases, and we can do it directly on the wall.  Basically you can think of any size and surface and we are a hire a graffiti artists company.”

For almost two decades Tyson has been leaving his mark on the Region. Some murals you may drive by daily and not know that it was his creation.

“I got the one with the ladies face which we did that about 2 stories high and we did that to change the downtown core. We wanted to get away from the car murals and the GM plant murals and get kind of like a new breathe of life and get something cool for the younger generation.”

Tyson says there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding graffiti art are and those who are behind the murals.

“Once you learn and you take it in and educate yourself on the culture you will star to be able to read the graphic art so some are simple, some are complex but it’s more about the style so every artist has their own style and what we base our entire existence on in graffiti is our style.”

Over the next few months Tyson aims to paint more murals in downtown Oshawa and hopes to deter those who are tagging buildings, to create art instead.

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