Whitby Residents Stranded After Flooding

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A group of Whitby residents are stuck in a hotel after their apartment unit on Colbourne Street flooded in Friday’s storm.

“I wish people were more caring I need more help.” Whitby resident Kathy Clarke has been stuck in a motel in Whitby after her apartment was flooded on Friday night.The motel room she has been in for the last 6 days is not wheelchair accessible and she says she has received little support from the social services and the region of Durham.

“I feel helpless, I feel a horrible sense of loss…….I was with my equipment in my home..” Kathy said Thursday morning. “I was very independent.Take that away from me and it’s like putting me in a dark hole and I can’t move.”

When the rain started to pour in on Friday night it caused flash floods in downtown Oshawa and flooded the landmark theatre in Whitby. Clarke says she was in her home dog sitting when she noticed the water.

“I turned on my kitchen light and turned and oh my there was water in the bedroom in the hall that was almost 3 inches deep.”

Clarke says the water came in so heavily that she was trapped.

“I went to get out my front door, it is an automatic door and I couldn’t open it..I turned around and went to the back door and couldn’t open it and I didn’t know why at the time now I really panic and was screaming for help”

Kathy’s neighbour Marleen, her husband had to help bust open Kathy’s door to get her out.

“I called community care assisted living they have an office on the 4th floor in my building Diane one of the coordinated was one of the ones I understand on duty she didn’t answer..

She never replied to my calls. After midnight one the other coordinator called me and said I have no staff. There is nothing I can do until morning…… end of story.”

Kathy and her neighbour Marleen sat outside in the rain from 10:30pm until 5:30 am. That is when they were finally able to get back inside.

“Other than them coming in to take the water off of the floor I don’t see how they have done anything.” Marleen Courtier said from her hotel room.” When I asked them about a hotel or where we can go they said that’s not our problem that is your problem”

We reached out to Durham Regions Social Services department but they did not reply in time for our deadline.

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