Durham Children Get To Be Firefighters For A Week

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The Whitby Junior Firefighters camp is back for its 44th year.  Today kids had the chance to do something that most people won’t experience.  Joe Scarpelli explains.

Views from 100 feet in the air…  Mya enjoyed the bird’s eye view as a junior firefighter on Thursday.

“I kind of just looked around and saw the view, it was really nice.”

Mya and other kids are participating in the annual Whitby Junior Firefighter camp.  Not sure what goes on at the camp?  Ask Josh…

“It’s just like school except instead of learning about math and boring stuff like that you learn how to get out of your house in case of a fire, how to be safe when there is a fire, how to properly put out a fire and how to do CPR and it’s just basically way cooler than school.”

Fellow camp-goer Jake was on the fence about what he wants to be when he grows up… but he says after the camp experience, he’ll be becoming a firefighter.

“Just because you see what they’re going through and it seems really fun and putting out fires and saving lives, it’s really fun.”

If Jake becomes a firefighter, he won’t be the first camp graduate to do so.

“It’s such a good introduction to firefighting that we we’re getting the children when they’re 11, 12 years old, that time just before they become teenagers and they think ‘what do I want to do when I grow up?’  They go through the program, they realize what firefighting is all about and then we found that a lot of them, when they got old enough, actually got on the department, or other departments.  They came through this program and now they actually work for Whitby Fire.”

Future firefighters or not, they all leave on a high note.

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