Keeping Pets Safe During Extreme Heat

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While durham residents are trying to stay cool in the hot humid weather, a special whitby dog is trying to help remind residents about their furry friends in heat…

“It basically turns into an oven.”

Terry Von Zuben is trying to get the message out that pet owners need to watch out for their furry friends in this heat wave.  He and his dog Molly, a 5 year old dalmatian are a dynamic duo who venture around whitby informing people on fire and heat safety.  When temperatures feel like they are in the 40s, terry wants to remind owners to leave their pets out of vehicles.

“Within a few minutes a car at 70 degrees outside in the sun can be 90 degrees or hotter inside.
So we want to make sure that we never leave out dogs or pets inside the vehicle and especially children we never want to leave them in a vehicle for any length of time because it’s just going to get too hot.”

This summer the whitby fire department has received calls about pets and children left in vehicles.
Terry says there are a few to check if a pet is in distress.

“If the animal is in distress and they are lethargic and they can’t move at all and you feel the car and it feels hot at that point you need to call for help.”

The OSPCA has launched a website asking pet owners to take the pledge against leaving pets in cars.  The provincial government has also released a list of ways to keep pets safe in this heat and in the vehicles.

“it is an emergency situation.  They do need help right away and at that point if you ever see a child left in a back of a vehicle make sure you call 911 right away.  The seconds count at that point.”

According to the Humane Society the most vulnerable pets to heat issues are those with flat faces, like pugs and bull dogs because they have shorter snouts that make it harder to pant out their body heat.

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