Residents Upset With Durham Transit Changes

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Durham Region Transit have made changes to the locations of its bus stops.  As Joe Scarpelli tells us, it’s not sitting too well with some residents.

Dot  woke up Thursday morning to see that she had lost the battle she had been fighting for the past month.  The bus stop directly in front of her building was gone.

“I was very angry.”
Durham Region Transit recently relocated some of its bus stop locations, including the stop in front of the New Hope Dwellings apartment building and moved it to Ritson and Adelaide, about a 15 minute walk.
“And that is very hard for people like myself to get to.”
Dot and many other residents relied on the bus stop
“I just feel like it’s taking away peoples independence because they really depend on that bus stop.”
DRT General Manager, Vincent Patterson says relocating bus stops from side roads to main roads is part of a strategic plan to make travel times quicker by having bus’s travel in a straight line.
“People are willing to work a little harder, if you will, to get to the system, to get to the transit service provided that it will be more direct for them and running more frequently so they don’t have to wait as long.”
But that doesn’t help those that relied on the stop .
Patterson says those who are affected by the changes will have to rely on the community routes which are designed to be more door-to-door, yet less frequent.
“That’s always a trade off.  That’s why we’re working on the design of the community routes because those are designed to compliment our main system of routes.”
Dot and her neighbors says they plan to keep fighting to get  there bus stop back.


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