Residents Rally To Save The Zoo

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Many are stepping up to save the Bowmanville Zoo… This after it recently announced it was closing for good.  Joe Scarpelli reports.

Since the zoo announced it would be closing its doors this fall due to a catastrophic drop in attendance, many pages and groups on various social media platforms have been created to help save the zoo.

One staff member says so far it’s been working.  The attendance might not be where they would like it to be, but she’s definitely noticed a spike in numbers since the social media rally.

Meanwhile, the zoo’s gift shop is selling #savebowmanvillezoo t-shirts.  The hype is real.  Danny lives quite north of the zoo and drove in just to get his hands on a t-shirt.

“It’s a 30 mile drive, 50 kilometres, but I came here just to support him.”

It’s too early to say what might happen to the zoo come fall, but until then, zoo supports will just have to keeping hanging on.

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