Hot Weather In Durham Is Taking Its Toll

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The hot weather continues for a third day in a row in Durham Region, and the scorching conditions are making it even more difficult for some to do their jobs.

“It’s like wearing a snowsuit in the middle of summer.”

The heat wave that has taken over Durham Region and much of Southern Ontario may be a joy for some who like to bathe in the sun, but it is causing more obstacles for those who work outside, especially firefighters.

“The biggest thing when it is hot is obviously the heat and the sun but when we are wearing about 80 points of gear and carrying another 30 to 40 pounds of equipment with us it’s really taxing.”

Just this past weekend there was a fire in an Oshawa apartment complex.

“You can imagine how hot it gets you have to stay hydrated, drink lots of water and take lots of breaks in the shade and spill off with other crews as much as possible.”

The extreme heat in Oshawa and Durham region has forced the Oshawa fire department and the city to issue a fire ban.

“It’s going to be in place for the forcible future, we have very little rain in the forecast predicted so the fireman will remain I just hear this morning that this past June was the driest June in the past 15 years so we want everybody to be aware of the dry conditions.”

Over the holiday weekend many residents broke the fire ban, an action that can see hefty fines.

“The fines are from $500 to $25,000 so it’s best just to obey the law.”

However, there may be some relief in sight for the hot dry conditions.  Right now, the forecast is calling for rain on Friday.

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