Clarington Residents Angry For Being Shut Out

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The Municipality of Clarington is to assume ownership of a former prisoner of war camp, but as Joe Scarpelli tells us, the news isn’t sitting well with some people.

It was a typical day for local photographers Ashon and Theo as they pulled up to one of their favourite spots, Camp 30 in Clarington.  Minutes after arriving they were approached by a man who claims to work for the company that owns the property.

“Some guy was trying to tell us that we can’t be here because they’re trying to close it down.  I was like what are you talking about?  Why are you trying to close it down?  This place is amazing.”

Camp 30 is a former prisoner of war camp that has been plagued by vandalism over the years.

“You’re getting some graffiti that you won’t find anywhere else because other graffiti will get cleared up, it will get taken away, they’ll do it in a rush.  Here, you can tell people took their time and done some nice murals, nice pieces.”

Clarington Council has approved an agreement that would see the Municipality assume ownership of the land.

A press release from the Municipality says “Before Clarington assumes ownership of the property, the current owners will demolish any buildings that have not been identified for historic preservation and also clean up the area, including removing all graffiti, as well as installing security cameras.”

Ashon and Theo aren’t thrilled about the news.

“The buildings are all beaten up and graffiti everywhere just gives it a nice vibe and sketchy vibe.  The basements are just crisp for pictures.”

“It’s a place you can’t find anywhere else.”

A representative from the Municipality says it’s important that the buildings are preserved for future generations.

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