Police Investigating Durham’s 4th Homicide Of 2016

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Durham police are looking for a gunman after a 33-year-old man was shot and killed while inside a car parked at an Ajax townhouse complex.

“It went boom boom boom.  It was really fast and short.”

Residents in the townhouses on Venture Lane Crescent in Ajax are still trying to figure out what happened on Monday night.  A 33 year-old man was shot and killed while inside a car at the townhouse complex.

“I thought it was fireworks because yesterday was the day of America but then I thought maybe it was gunfire because it was shorter than fireworks.”

“Last night around 10:30 I heard bang bang bang I looked out my window and then 10 fifteen minutes later I heard police cars.”

Every effort was made to save the man.

“He was alive when we found him and we worked on him immediately, but he did succumb to his injuries afterwards.”

The homicide has left many in the neighbourhood shaken up.

“It’s really close to my home and it’s my first time that close to  gunshots.”

“You don’t need these things to happen around kids.”

Police have identified the victim as Vernie Ferrigon of Mississauga.

“Right now all we have is some witnesses describing a dark or black SUV leaving the area at approximately that time so we don’t have and suspect information is that lead.”

This is the third gun related incident  in less than a month.  Just 6 days ago police were looking for two suspects after shots were fired at a car in Ajax .  And at the beginning of June a man was shot in the leg in Ajax.

“We haven’t seen the statistics in the last few months about gun violence in Durham but it doesn’t appear to be an unusual year for us but we are certainly looking at the stats now.”

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