Local Teachers Bring Awareness To Mexican Education Issues

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

There is literally a battle over education in Mexcio and Durham teachers are trying to bring awareness to what is happening.

“We are calling on Trudeau and the Mexican president to call off this barbaric attack on peaceful protestors.”

Last month, nine people were killed and hundreds injured in the southern state Oaxaca, Mexico in clashes between demonstrators and police.  The demonstrators in Mexico oppose changes that will see the teachers forced to pass assessment tests every few years.  A move that the teachers protesting in Mexico feel is BEING set up just to fire teachers rather than improve the education system in Mexico.    Former Oshawa federal NDP candidate Mary Fowler has been a teacher for last 7 years.

“I think that here in Canada as teachers we are very fortunate that when I disagree with my employee who is the government, I can go and take to the streets and I can protest and I can tell them exactly what I think.   Unfortunately that’s not the case in Mexico.”

“We stand together with our sisters and brothers as teachers are, we know what they stand for we know they are not barbarians as they are being portrayed.”

Teachers and union members from around Durham region packed a bus to head to Toronto Monday morning to take part in the protest at the Mexican consulate in Toronto.

“We stand up for workers regardless of the plight in Mexico right now.  The killing of these workers is standing up and taking on their roles as teachers is an important piece for me as a Canadian.”

“I hope the message is that when you see something that is not right in the world that you stand up and you do something about it.“

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau recently met with the Mexican president an opportunity that ETFO Durham President David Matin thinks was wasted.

“They’re acting as they are amigos on a variety of issues and we would like to state that there is no room for being amigos with people that treat protestors, peaceful protestors especially teachers in ways like this.”

The protest which has blocked major roads in Mexico has forced food to be airlifted to remote areas of the region.  At this point, there is no resolution in sight to the years long battle.

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