Extremely Dry Conditions Prompt Burn Ban

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Residents are advised that due to extremely dry weather conditions, the City of Oshawa Fire Services is implementing a fire ban for burn permits. All open air burning permits are suspended until further notice and are prohibited under City of Oshawa By-law #73-2012.

The ban is effective immediately and no permits will be issued during this time. Those not complying with the ban may be subjected to fines as identified in By-law #73-2012.

For this weekend’s Canada Day celebrations, residents are requested to not set-off fireworks and are instead encouraged to attend fireworks displays such as the annual Canada Day Celebration at Lakeview Park in Oshawa that features spectacular fireworks.

During periods of dry weather, grasses, bushes and plants are more easily ignited by embers from open air burning. Residents are reminded that burning solid fuel outdoors, including wood, is never permitted without a permit. This includes the use of outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas.

How you can help:

  • Be vigilant when discarding cigarette butts and matches while outdoors
  • Ensure that matches and lighters are kept or locked in areas not accessible to children and youth
  • Remind children and youth of the dangers of playing with and lighting fires
  • Be aware of your surroundings when outdoors in open fields and wooded areas

Oshawa Fire Chief Meringer explains that grass fires not only have the potential to cause extensive damage and possible injury, but also use emergency resources that could be required for other urgent situations.

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