Employees Trying To Find Work After GM Feeder Plant Closes

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A tough day for employees at Johnson controls in Whitby.  Close to 200 employees clocked out for the final time Thursday.

It was an emotional day at Johnson Controls Incorporated in Whitby on Thursday as employees clocked out for the final time.

“Everyone is kind of stressed out, some don’t know what they are going to do next and I don’t know there just isn’t much out there these days so it is hard for everybody.”

“It’s just a sad day for all of us really, we have been here for so long we have developed many friendships, it’s like a routine and it’s all coming to a halt.”

GM supplier Johnson Controls INC. will be closing its doors for good at the Whitby plant on July 1st, that’s a year earlier than the collective agreement between the two companies expires.

“Everybody was pretty much in shock and just surprised and we have a legal contract until next august and this is the first we have heard that a company could ever do this and just walk away in the middle of a contract.  This is the first time I have heard from anybody and now it kind of sets precedents for the rest you know?”

“It’s been a scenario where you know JCI has been a good place to work for but unfortunately it’s a situation where GM and Yanfeng can’t get along and unfortunately we are the ones who suffer from it.”

With the recent announcement of new engineering jobs in Oshawa there is potential for new work, but it doesn’t come soon enough for the now unemployed workers.

“If they were bring any new project to Oshawa it’s going to take a year to two years because they have to prototype it and get new things together and it’s not something that is going to be quick over the next six months or a year.”

Employees were told back in May the plant would be closing and with so many job losses in the area of manufacturing, many say this loss is particularly difficult.

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