Durham Has Big Plans For Canada Day

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People coast to coast are gearing up for the Canada Day long weekend.  Joe Scarpelli was down at Oshawa’s beach today finding out what people have planned.

It’s a picture perfect day on the eve of Canada’s 149th birthday.  It’s also the first day of summer break for students and they are thrilled.

“Because I can be with my family.”

“Now there’s no hard work.”

“There’s no homework, no stress about tests or anything.”

While these boys will be celebrating at a family barbecue.  Brian from Oshawa says he’ll be relaxing this weekend, something he won’t be doing much of this summer.

“Working, paying for a daughter’s wedding.”

Much like Brian, a low key weekend seemed to be a common theme for others as well.

“Probably come down here, see what’s going on and check it out.  And then relaxing the rest of the weekend.

“Hopefully my family I guess will drop in and celebrate the way we usually do.  Having family together is most important.”

This Canada Day long weekend could possibly be the last one before the national anthem is legally changed.

“I like it the way it is… the first version.  We’ve known it all my life so, why change it?”

“I don’t think it should ever be touched to be honest with you.”

Regardless of what the lyrics are for Canada’s 150th birthday next year, one thing is for sure.

“I love Canada.”

“I enjoy being Canadian, I enjoy Canada Day and the celebrations.  I look forward to it every year.”

“This is a great country, people don’t seem to realize it.”

All beaches in Durham will be open this weekend but the following six are unsafe for siwmming: Beaverton Beach South, Bowmanville Beach West, Frenchman’s Bay West, Lakeview Beach East, Pickering Beach and Thorah Centennial Park.

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