Controversial Incinerator Is Front And Centre

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Wednesday marks the last day of school for many and for Regional Councillors, their last meeting before summer break as well, but not everyone was happy…

Durham Regional Council gathered one final time before breaking for summer.  And once again, Linda and Wendy were there, trying to hold council’s feet to the fire on the Clarington Incinerator issue, even though it’s a done deal.

Wendy and Linda frequently attend council meetings leading the opposition to the incinerator.  They’re concerned because one of the two boilers at Clarington’s incinerator remains off-line after it failed a stack test in May, meaning it’s not at par with what the Ministry of the Environment deems safe.

“While it’s down now, they want to restart it and try some things and we don’t want to be part of that experiment.  Dioxins and Furans are deadly in very small doses.”

“Do we really want to fix this? Is it fixable? Do we really want to fix this given everything we know that even the best operating incinerators are a huge health concern and a money pit.”

“Council made an informed decision, unfortunately, they didn’t like it.  They can complain about what they think of council all they want, it’s not going change anything.  The fact is, it’s done.  The fact is, it’s built. The fact is, it’s operating.”

Those concerned about the incinerator want council to call in what they’re calling the real experts.

“They need to hire qualified independent experts.”

“We have experts, MOE has experts, everybody has their experts working on it and we’re going to do what we believe is best for the residents of Durham with the advice that we’re getting.”

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