Some Of Durham Region’s Health Services Get A New Name

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There’s been lots of health care news in Durham Region in the last 24 hours.  Joe Scarpelli has the details.

Durham Region has a new community health service, Oshawa Community Health Centre and The Youth Centre in Ajax are now under one umbrella.

“For the community, I think when we’re under one voice and we have a united brand it makes it easier for us to tell our story and to make sure that people know that we’re out there.”

Carea will continue as a non-profit charitable organization providing a variety of free community programs and services, but what else does the re-branding mean?

“People do get hung up a little bit about ‘what does it mean?’ and we have that to look forward to… which is to tell the story about what does Carea mean and it means what we do today… Hopefully adding services, adding locations for Durham so we can really fulfil our mandate.”

Meanwhile, less than 24 hours after we learned of the Carea re-branding, Lakeridge Health received a major donation from The Baagwating Community Association, the charitable arm of the Blue Heron Casino presented the hospital  with a generous $250,000 donation.

“We need more money, unfortunately this is expensive equipment and we need more of these kinds of donations so that we can purchase this new much needed equipment.”

“We, as a group make decisions on how these donations will be handled and what we will give to.  Our board was unanimous in picking this even though it’s a large amount of money.”

The money will fund state-of-the-art equipment needed to perform procedures in the IR program which is set to double in size thanks to the donation.

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