Police Investigating Region’s Third Homicide Of 2016

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Neighbours in a quiet neighbourhood in North Whitby woke up to a heavy police presence on Saturday. As Joe Scarpelli reports, Durham Regional Police are now investigating what they believe to be the region’s third homicide of the year.

“I cannot describe how I’m feeling inside. I actually regurgitated this morning.”

Says the woman who lives two doors down from what Police say is the scene of a murder.

“In such a vicious act… stabbing.”

25-year-old Kristina Bennett was found dead by police in this Whitby home Saturday morning.  According to police – 29-year old Matthew Coussons came into the Police station at 10 O’clock Saturday morning- indicating that something was wrong with his girlfriend.  After a brief investigation – Coussons was charged with second-degree murder.

“Our main priority right now is to take care of the family of the deceased and make sure we’re contacting them first and making sure they’re getting the details first from us.”

Neighbours say they had plans to celebrate her 26th birthday Saturday night.  The victim’s friends allegedly showed up for the party not knowing their friend was dead.”

“She’s a very, very beautiful, friendly, loving person.”

Police say there are no other suspects in the homicide investigation at this time.  Coussons is being held for a bail hearing.

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