Local Reaction To Britain Voting To Leave European Union

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The vote in the UK has already had an effect on residents in Durham Region.

As dawn broke over London, those who wanted Britain to stay in the European Union woke up to grim news — voters had chosen to leave the 28-nation bloc.

“Unfortunately as a nation the UK is actually divided which is not good.”

The Toronto stock market plunged more than 300 points within minutes of opening this morning in reaction to Britain’s decision to exit the European Union and the British pound has taken a dive.  A result that has actually benefited Durham resident Robert Patterson who owns the British Isles Shoppe in Ajax.

“It’s good for me right now because the pound is at a 31 year low and I import from the UK so being selfish at this point in time I’m ok with it for now but in the long run we will see what actually happens.”

The referendum held on Thursday was decided by a narrow margin of 52% wanting to leave the European Union.

“Speaking with my relatives back home they’re worried for running immigration was number one, they were trying to reduce the Burdon of immigration and tightening up the borders and losing up the taxes.  In the UK they were putting more into the EU than they would get out.”

The UK is the first major country to decide to leave the bloc, a decision Patterson thinks they will have no problem handling.

“I think there is good at this but I think we won’t know until the long run, but the UK is a large nation and I am sure we will be fine.”

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