Durham Health Department Has A Warning For Parents

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Durham Region Health Department is shining a spotlight on concussions and warning parents their children are at a high risk.

“Studies are showing us that youth between the ages of 10 and 19 who are involved in sports are mostly at risk.”

The Durham Health Department is trying to make parents aware of ways to prevent concussions this summer. It’s the season where they see lots of sports related concussions from soccer, rugby and football.  The symptoms from a concussion vary.

“A child may appear confused, may lose consciousness, may complain of a headache, nauseous, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise and general loss of concentration.”

Over the last 5 years concussion-related hospital visits are up.

“Our studies show that concussions have been on the rise since 2011 and we have been seeing a consistent rise and of course and we are seeing it rise.”

Earlier this month new concussion legislation was passed called Rowan’s Law.  The young girl died in 2013 after suffering multiple head injuries while playing rugby.  Rowan’s Law will provide education on sport related concussions to athletes, coaches and parents.

“Now we know it’s not ok to push through a head injury it’s not a typical bruise, it’s not a sprained ankle it’s something more serious and life threatening as we know.”

“What’s going on with that is right now it’s mandating the creation of the committee that is going to look at how best to use the 49 recommendations and from our standpoint what we are hoping is that what it’s done we can have the ability to come out to the public and give education on what to do about concussions.”

Just a few weeks ago a new app called Concussion ED was launched that is designed to give parents quick access to resources.  Durham Region Health Department has launched its own website and brochure called ‘Heads-Up On Concussions What Parents Need To Know.”

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