Unifor Has A Message For General Motors

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A call for action was made Tuesday morning, from the union representing workers at the General Motors plant in Oshawa.

“General Motors need to come to the table and answer the question is there a future in the city of Oshawa. Not a trick question just yes or no?”

Unifor local 222 is calling out GM Canada for what the union is calling the company’s lack of commitment to the city. The union has placed hundreds of signs outside of Unifor’s headquarters in Oshawa. They read “Love Oshawa” and “We didn’t bailout GM for Mexico.”

“What I am saying is General Motors has not committed to the city of Oshawa, it is pretty apparent that the Camaro has left the city of Oshawa the next generation Equinox is going to be at our sister plant in Ingersoll and 2 plants in Mexico and one plant in China.”

Dozens of workers gathered for the launch of the gm oshawa matters campaign, many wearing shirts saying ‘ No Product? No contract,” Unifor local 222 says if they don’t bring new product to Oshawa they won’t negotiate a new contract in the fall

“If we don’t have good quality and we don’ have goo productivity and we don’t have good cost per vehicle and we are at the bottom of the heap that’s when plants should get closed down, and I don’t want to see anyone get closed down but when you are in the top three consistently with low volumes we deserve to have a product.”

“As the son of an auto worker I’ve lived through I don’t know how many strikes, during my days I can remember those time and those strikes are always tough times but you need to know your future and today we are just simply asking let us know what your plans are s we can work towards a common goal.”

Just minutes after Unifor’s news conference, GM Canada President Steve Carlisle released his community update, which focused mainly on the new engineering jobs announced at the GM Oshawa plant last week. It was the only time Oshawa was brought up in the update. The update ended on a note about GM’s commitment in canada saying, “GM remains committed to doing a strong business in Canada – in terms of sales, assembly and now in new advanced engineering work.”

According to Unifor 222 President Colin James says GM workers are just looking out for their future.

“We hope the General Motors invests hugely in Oshawa and they continue to build here and to sell here.”

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