Durham Residents Get Heated Over Ethanol

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There was heated discussion Tuesday at the Oshawa Port Authority annual general meeting.    Joe Scarpelli has the details.

From the moment the meeting began, the dissension in the room was palpable.  It started with  a presentation by the Oshawa Port Authority as it  released  its 2015 audited financial statements.  Once it was time for question period, those waiting for an opportunity to speak, spoke their minds.
“I can fill this room with people that don’t like you.”
Port Authority Chairman, Gary Valcour fielded questions from local politicians and members of the public.  He was even challenged on the font used on his presentation.
 “Is there anybody in this room that has difficulty reading this piece of garbage?”
 The hot topic surrounded the future of Oshawa’s waterfront.  The Port Authority wants to build an ethanol plant, a plan opposed by an overwhelming majority of the crowd who feel it could possibly prevent the city from being able to develop a waterfront.
“Would you like a marina next to an ethanol plant?  The answer is no and that’s what the majority of the people of Oshawa don’t want.”
“It doesn’t come as a great shock or surprise when they actually show up and ask the same questions… apparently they don’t listen to the answers but they do ask the same questions.”
The issue has gone to arbitration and cannot be commented on during the process.  In one final attempt to find out possible outcomes, Valcour couldn’t provide an answer.
“I’m not sure I can because again I’d be commenting on it… But I mean, there are a wide array of outcomes, perhaps, as you can imagine.  I don’t think I can comment any further than that.”

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