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Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca and a lengthy list of politicians were in Bowmanville this morning for an announcement regarding the future of GO Transit in the Region.  Joe Scarpelli was there and has the details.

It is the second big transportation announcement for Durham Region in recent days.      The premier along with municipal politicians gathered Monday morning at the future site of the Bowmanville train station to share the news.

“The GO Train cannot keep turning around at Oshawa.  We’ve heard that, we understand that.”

Four new stations will be built including two in Oshawa, one in Courtice, and the final one in Bowmanville.  The goal is to have the project complete by 2024.

“You know, there are news print articles that go back to the early 1900’s about Bowmanville being excited about a train heading from Bowmanville to Toronto.”

The announcement comes on the same day as the opening of highway 407 from Pickering to Oshawa.  That announcement was made on Friday by the transportation minister. Why wouldn’t he make both announcements on the same day? Regional Chair, Roger Anderson had the answer to that, “I’m pretty sure the minister held off this announcement just so he could drive across the 407 for free.”

MPP Granville Anderson was happy to see this day finally arrive.

“Minister of Transportation, Mr. Del Duca, the honourable Del Duca… I’ll see him with this big case… he has the biggest case at Queens Park… and I’ll say ‘why are you walking around with that case?’ and he says it’s all the money for the GO train to Bowmanville.”

“Now it’s out there in the public, I’m guessing the Minister of Finance and the president of the Treasury Board will be looking for that brief case next week… thanks a lot Granville.”

This is currently the last stop on the Lakeshore East line in Oshawa.  Passengers here are thrilled that nearly 20 kilometres of track will be added.

“It’s good, it’s about time, it has taken a while.”

“Well I live downtown and my horse is in Bowmanville, so if I can skip taking a bus between Oshawa and Bowmanville that’s perfect.”

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