Daily Scoop – June 15, 2016

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Justin Bieber breaks streaming records across the pond… details in your Daily Scoop.

Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Sorry’ has become the first song in history to be streamed over 100 million times in the UK.  A rep for the Official Charts Company says, “For ‘Sorry’ to become the first track in official chart history to pass the 100 million mark is a record which can never be taken away from Justin.  It is, perhaps, the four-minute mile of music streaming. A remarkable feat, a first which will be Justin’s record forever.”

Fans of the Shrek films could be seeing their favourite green ogre back on the big screen.  NBCUniversal, which purchased DreamWorks pictures says, “We are trying to figure out how to resurrect Shrek and take a lot of the existing DreamWorks franchises and add value as we create new franchises.”

Donald Trump is all over TV, but one show you won’t be seeing his giant orange glow is ‘Late Night.’  Seth Meyers made the announcement saying, “Trump is stoking fear and spreading hate.  We cannot allow it to become normalized…as long as the Washington Post is banned from Donald Trump‘s campaign, Donald Trump will be banned from ever coming on this show.”

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