Whitby By-Election Voters Get More Ways To Vote

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The phone lines are open and eligible electors for North Ward One in Whitby can now cast their votes in the by-election to replace Lorne Coe who was recently elected MPP for Whitby-Oshawa.

The Town of Whitby is trying something different.  Voters living within the boundaries of the North Ward One by election have two ways to vote beginning today.

Chris Harris, Town Clerk, Town of Whitby

“Internet and telephone voting is new for Whitby.  It was a decision our council made to try a new voting methods.  Municipal elections act allows councils to try alternative voting methods.  It offers good opportunity and internet and telephone voting offers convenient and accessible method to vote.”

The Town of Whitby’s Chris Harris is hoping this election method will see more people voting.

“Recent studies are showing a slight uptick in voter turnout as a result of this election method.  So we will monitor that and will be working with others to compare ourselves to other municipalities who have used internet and telephone voting and understand what the pattern is after the Whitby by-election.”

Residents must have their Voter Information Package in order to participate in the election.  Voter Assistance Centres are open at McKinney Centre, the Brooklin Community Centre and Library to assist voters who need internet access, a telephone or require assistance with the voting process.

For more information on times dates and the North Ward One by-election visit whitby.ca/byelection or call the Voter Help-Line at 1-866-594-0010

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