DRPS Executes Warrants In Drug Investigation

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Early this morning DRPS conducted a series of raids across Southern Ontario as part of a multi-jurisdictional drug investigation.

“We were doing a drug investigation which started as a street level investigation which quickly branched out to a much bigger network.”

DRPS along with Kingston police helped execute 16 search warrants this morning from Mississauga to Belleville as part of an investigation that started in November.  Of the 16 search warrants, three were executed in Durham Region.  Nonquon Road in Oshawa, Regional Road 3 in Enniskillen and on Cameron Street in Cannington.

“Out of most of these locations were the places where we conducted the arrests and we did the search warrants under their premises.  At the same time we found one clandestine lab in Toronto and from there we actually were assisted by OPP and RCMP and Toronto police in addition to that the fire department to help close that down.”

In total 14 people were arrested and police seized two handguns, four long guns, cocaine and other illegal substances.

“Drug trafficking has always been an issue here but it’s investigations like this that hopefully put a dent in some of those networks that are out there, stopping the flow of drugs coming in from Toronto and areas beyond.”

A list of those charged will be released on Friday.

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