Two People Escape Whitby Fire

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Two adults and a dog managed to escape safely after fire broke out in their Whitby home.  Joe Scarpelli reports.

While most of us were sleeping at 1:30am, the couple living at this home on Townline Road West were woken up by their smoke alarms to a fire which would destroy their home.  We can’t see the house from where we’re standing but I’m not told there’s not much left of it.  It’s not yet clear what started the blaze as it’s still under investigation but one Whitby Fire Official had this to say…

Terry Von Zuben – Whitby Fire “Fire crews arrived on scene and found the house fully involved with fire.  They were able to extinguish the fire but unfortunately they’ve lost the structure.  The occupants of the home were able to make it out safely thanks to the smoke alarms they had installed in the house.  Had they not installed working smoke alarms they wouldn’t have made it out alive.  They were alerted to the fire because of the smoke alarms they had installed in their home and that’s what saved their lives.”

There’s no fire hydrants in the area so Whitby Firefighters had to rely on crews from Oshawa, Pickering and Ajax to bring tankers to assist in putting out the blaze.  Fire officials want to use this as an example to show how important working smoke alarms are.  Otherwise the result in this one could have been a lot more  devastating.

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