Province Announces Inquest In Bowmanville Man’s Death

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It’s been more than a year since Durham College firefighting student Adam Brunt died in a private training exercise.  Today, the families are hopeful an inquest will prevent a death like his from happening again.

It’s been almost 16 months since Bowmanville firefighting student Adam Brunt died during an ice rescue exercise.  For months his family and Oshawa MPP Jennifer French have been fighting to get an inquest into his death.  The province has finally agreed.

“The officer of the chief coroner has announced that there will be a joint inquest into the deaths of Adam Brunt and Gary Kendal”

Both Brunt and Kendal died in separate ice rescue exercises with the same company.

Kendal died in 2010.

“This is something we have supported the families in calling for and we are encouraged to see that the families will hopefully get what they have asked for and that is more answers into what exactly happened”

The death of Brunt at an ice rescue exercise run by a private company led French to write a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, calling on the government to help regulate the industry.

“In terms of the three ministries that are partially involved in this issue we want them to continue to move forward not to wait for a recommendations but to continue to figure out how to best to protect the future trainees and ultimately that is what needs to come out of this.  This cannot happen again”

The inquest is still in its early stages but it may have an impact on the lack of laws surrounding these exercises.

“The jury may make recommendations based on the evidence that they hear at the inquest to prevent deaths in similar circumstances.”

The inquest will examine the events leading up to and surrounding the deaths of both men.

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