Local Filmmaker Tells An Oshawa Love Story

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

It was lights, camera, action in Oshawa this weekend as one local film production took over downtown.  Mike Green had the chance to visit the set.

Local filmmaker, Yolanda Beasley is making her first feature and she wanted to use her hometown as the backdrop for the film.

“This movie takes place in Oshawa and it’s shot here, obviously, and we’re shooting in little areas around downtown, the Tutto Market Café, Core 21, and the Mustache Club.  It has been an adventure and it has been fun.  We’re meeting a lot of people in the community and part of the reason why we wanted to do this downtown was to help draw attention to downtown Oshawa and bring people downtown, but also we want to build the film industry in Durham Region.”

Beasley says she wanted to show off the beauty the city has to offer, something many people who have never visited Oshawa, may not be aware of.

“I think a lot of people who haven’t been here they automatically go to the go to of “oh it’s a GM town, It’s the dirty Shwa and oh it’s the Shwa,” and it’s got this sort of negative connotation and there are a lot of things that are beautiful about Oshawa and if you live here you know that and I wanted to showcase that.”  “It is a lover letter to Oshawa.  It’s a love letter to my hometown.”

Actor, Roger Doche says he is impressed with city and Beasley as a first time director.

“This is a great place to shoot.  It’s a great place to shoot, everyone is really friendly.  No one stares into the camera, which is always good.  And everyone has been accommodating and very generous with us.  It has been a really great place to shoot.”  “I don’t envy, her first feature film, directing and acting in ti, I don’t know if I would be able to do that, but she is doing a great job so far.”

Beasley is looking forward to showing off the finished product at many film festivals including one right here in Durham.

“It will be nice to show it here in the hometown and to show everybody what we have accomplished, but also involve the community, which is what we are doing.  We’re also opening up the film to community support through fundraising and sponsorship.  And we have had a lot of companies and businesses supports us, which has been really great.  And organizations, non-profit organizations, and we’re on Go Fund Me to help support and show the industry that the whole community is behind building the film industry here.”

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