A Look At The Growth In Downtown Oshawa

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A boost to Oshawa’s economy with the grand opening of a new mall and a hotel later this week.  Rita Nave has more on the revitalization of the downtown core.

And with the snip of the scissors another store opens in downtown Oshawa.  The Simcoe Mall is the latest addition to the downtown core.

Zena Farmer, Owner of Glamour Divazzz

“We are a community based organization.  Different vendors helping each other do what we need to do.  We bring a lot of different things to the area.  We have jewelry, clothes, and we bring a little of everything in a shopping mall.”

Earlier this year, two pop up shops opened up in Oshawa.  Big projects have been in the works for a number of years including the Genosha hotel and the Holiday Inn Express which celebrates its grand opening on Friday.

Oshawa Mayor John Henry

“There’s lots of incredible growth.  Apartment buildings being built.  A lot of energy in downtown Oshawa and all good sides.”

Mayor John Henry says everything is coming together.

“For the longest time, Oshawa has flown under the radar.  Everybody assumed we were a car town.  But we’re also home to a great educational component.  Oshawa has always had it all and now the world is waking up to see exactly what we have and there so excited, they’re moving here.”

And Mayor Henry says it’s only going to get better with more housing construction and businesses setting up shop here.

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